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Here at AgRepair we offer total mechanical coverage for all your farm equipment.
From a simple service to a complete engine or transmission rebuild we are here to help. 
Red Tractor in Field
Tractor Service
& Repairs

I have the ability to carry out various types of servicing and mechanical repairs on any make or model of tractor. Whether it's a basic service on a compact tractor or a complete rebuild on a variable transmission, I can handle it. Despite the trend among many manufacturers to require the replacement of entire components, I remain committed to the belief that mechanical parts can and should be repaired. This approach helps support my customers in reducing their repair and maintenance expenses.

Large Tractor
Harvesters & Machinery

I have many years of experience working on harvesters, including combines, forage harvesters, and recently, late-model self-propelled potato and carrot harvesters. Basically, if you find a machine on a farm, I likely have experience working on it.

Sprayer Service & Calibration
Agrepair diagnostics

Ensuring that your orchard sprayers are working correctly and calibrated accurately is essential for precise spray application. I can service your sprayer pumps, calibrate your sprayer flow meter accurately, check application rates, and assess nozzle performance. Additionally, I can diagnose and repair electronic issues with late model sprayers.


I'm able to provide diagnostics using the latest multi-brand diagnostic tools. This enables us to communicate with the newest tractor models, read fault codes, monitor sensors and electronic components, adjust parameters, and carry out calibration procedures. My customers are not restricted to main dealers for diagnosing and servicing their late-model tractors.

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